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Custom strategies and target audience analysis for developing custom marketing funnels one-stop for any business
We do
High conversion landing pages, or multi-page websites, especially for your offers, and drive target leads to these pages from any sources where your target audience is
We do
E-mail and chat-bot funnels for marketing touches with your audience to convert leads to customers
Who we are
We are the  remote digital marketing experts team from different countries, but the core of our team is mostly from Ukraine
Our key marketing specialization before was a travel business, leads providing  tours and hotels booking, and one-stop marketing for travel agencies and hospitality across the world
We have other kinds of projects in our portfolio such as marketing at online education courses in the travel business, wellness, and psychology current courses, marketing for self-driven investment, and financial literacy. Marketing for real estate agencies, e-commerce, restaurants, and offline retail, and other offline businesses
Advertising services: Google Adwords, Facebook
ICO project Whalesburg
Goal: to get 300 leads at the lowest price
Lead price
858 in 14 working days
Number of leads
30 days
Launch time
Advertising services: Facebook & Instagram
“Transformation of the tourist business 2020”
Leads generated
(webinars and lead magnet)
Funds spent
Price per lead
Goal: get 5,000 leads for 4 webinars and make 200 sales
Applied course on optimization of marketing, HR, sales, travel agencies
There are professionally skilled web designers, web developers, web programmers, and service integrators for developing your pages for our staff.
Our staff also includes the skilled marketers for developing custom commerce funnels, and traffic managers to provide your target leads from any ads system such as Facebook ads, Google ads, Gemini (Yahoo) ads, Linkedin ads, Tik-Tok ads, Taboola, MG, and any other traffic sources where your target audience is.
Also, we have copy-writers, graphic designers, and video editors, for the content of funnels and marketing creatives make. And we also have a base of outsourcing coworkers for any complex project realization.
Our skills
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